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filed under: makoharumakoto tachibanaharuka nanasekisumi shiginoa softer free!haru postsLAST ONE probablyfor today at leastthis doesnt count as the first kisumi softer. he will have his own Proper one soon. eventuallyone day
and i could have gotten free shipping.
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and talking in this funny voice?
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good people are like candles
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or imagine ryan north's smile?
August 20, 2014  +23
filed under: makoharumakoto tachibanaharuka nanasefree!a softer free!haru postsshipsim glad mod makoto and i both decided 2 do makoharu for our Great Comeback Posts
not every verb has to be transitive
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maudlin-scares asked:
*pokes* are the mods ok? not that you should feel obligated to provide content, but you hadnt updated for a while, and i was worried.


both mods are in fact okay i assure you!! things have just been busy lately and neither of us has had the free time to fill the queue/requests (which i apologize for oops)

mod harus been busy preparing for school once again bc unfortunately california starts Mad Early this year (like. tomorrow early) and modkotos been preoccupied with family things so its been difficult to find the time to work u feel?? well try to get this blog back in motion soon enough though!!

that being said there may be a week or two more of inactivity yet. please bear with us as we try to get things settled out

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filed under: mod harunot a softer free!psaishsorry 4 worryin u cutiefor future reference both mods have their personal blogs linked in the about should u need us!!once again i apologize well get back 2 this blog soon
because, uh, you might have heard i run with a dangerous crowd?
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he looks like one of those rap guys' boyfriends.
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